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Dimension YCK898HP
Overall length (mm) 8960
Overall width (mm) 2500
Overall height (mm) 3450
Wheel base (mm) 4300
Wheel track front/rear (mm) 1700/1677
Front/rear overhang (mm) 1900/2760
Luggage space (m3) ≥5
Performance YCK898HP
Grade ability (%) ≥20
Min Turning Diameter (m) 24
Max Speed (km/h) 125
Fuel consumption (L/100km) 25
Max stopping distance (m) <10 (full loading 30km/h)
Approach/departure (°) 10/8
Mass YCK898HP
Complete bus mass (kg) 8800
Max loading mass (kg) 12000
Seat type 2+2
passengers+guide+driver 24-45+1+1
Exhaust standard 国III
Engine YCK898HP
Model YC6G240-30
Type Water cooling, direct injection, pressurized, middle cooling
Rated power (kw/ps 180
Max torque (N.m/rpm) 890/1200-1700
Displacement (mL) 6500
Chassis YCK898HP
Model YJ6893
Type Truss,engine rear-mounted
Steering Integral hydraulic power steerin
Clutch Single,dry
Transmission Six speed
Suspension system Multi-leaf spring/Air suspension
Brake system Storage spring exhaust brake
Tyre 255/70R22.5/9R22.5/9.00220

Elegant appearance and fashionable design

Adopt the fashionable design of Zonda Bus, it kooks graceful with the unique curve design in front surface and ribbon design in side body, which fully meet the aerodynamic principle to effectively reduce air resistance, fuel consumption and make the bus extraordinary.

Powerful driving force and high performance

The traditional medium-sizes passenger bus often faces with the troubles of mountain areas and complicated roadway. But YCK6898HP can be the most believable carrier for traveling with its strong driving power, perfect mountain-climbing performance and standing driving capability.

Durable and Satisfactory

With the semi-loading body structure and electro-galvanized prestressed skin prolong technology, the bus has smooth and flat surface. The phosphating treatment improves the corrosion resistance and keeps the bus in good condition for years.

Full value support

Lowest investment and fuel consumption, least maintenance expense and full usage indemnify bring the full valuable support system to the operators.

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